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Bandit web


A rich and velvety sweet tobacco flavor with huge vapor production. Complementing tones of caramel and toasted almond create a beyond worthy rival amongst other e-Liquids of its kind.

Barista web

Barista Breve

No grinders, measuring spoons or coffee makers required! Speed up your morning routine with this caffeinated eliquid that gets its flavor from organic coffee and vanilla beans.

Cinnamon web

Cinnamon Crush

Organic cinnamon sticks, hints of vanilla, and ginger bread come together to deliver a full bodied throat hit and massive cinnamon taste that we believe is second to none.

ReFresh web


The freshest menthol medley yet. Enjoy a cooling concoction of lemon, lime, and cucumber while being blown away by an intense mint flavor from organic mint leaves.

Tropical Breeze 30ml

Tropical Breeze

Light, sweet, and fruit filled. This citrus flavor offers a unique blend of pineapple, tangerine, and guava. Puff on this and be transported straight to your favorite beach!

Toucan web1

Toucan Slam

Coming Soon

Vanilla Cloud web

Vanilla Cloud

This distinct vanilla custard flavor starts by extracting organic vanilla beans, which produces the cloudy appearance. It is rounded out with cookie crust and more. Vanilla custard done right.

White Mango web

White Mango

Sweet and crisp white mango with a fresh coconut and pineapple flavor mixed to perfection. A fantastic way to satisfy that fruit craving!

CVC Select Flavors

Caramel Milk web

Caramel Milk

Worth changing your cotton for. Be prepared for a decadent dose of creamy caramel-milk with hints of custard.

Cut Strawberry web

Cut Strawberry

The closest thing to eating a real strawberry. A blend of 5 flavorings with USDA organic strawberries as the main ingredient.

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