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Connor MacLeod raised his Cannoli shell to the sky.  Lightning rained down, striking the Cannoli shell, imbuing it with the power of vanilla and sweet, multi-layered cream filling.  Connor, seeing the resulting masterpiece, roared to the heavens, exclaiming, “There Cannoli Be One!”

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Cannoli Be Breakfast

Inspired by the viral video of a Rainbow Cannoli – Cannoli Be Breakfast is a finely tuned blend of the original Cannoli Be One cream base coupled with a fruity breakfast cereal that is not overbearing on the lemon. 

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Cannoli Be Mine

Cannoli Be Nuts is a take on the original Cannoli Be One with the added essence of chopped pistachios with a delicious and slightly nutty undertone. 

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Cannoli Pastry, Cream, Vanilla, Strawberry.

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